Marcine Cunningham was born in Plainview, TX. She discovered her talent for painting as a child, while spending summer days at her father's fruit stand on the Colorado / New Mexico border. She painted gourds and other small items to wile away the hours. Her father liked them so well, he decided to give her a section of the stand to display her small works, and visitors to the stand loved them. They sold as fast as she could paint them. As an adult, she and a few friends would drive 35 miles each way to Hatch to take painting classes. Marcine knew she had found her passion, and her natural talent has served her well since then.

Marcine has continued to take classes, and has painted all her life. She has sold her work at shows, directly through her studio, and has taken commissions, including a four by eight foot mural of the Rio Grande at the Assembly of God Church in Anthony, NM., and an 8' by 20' foot mural at a prominent law office. Now she has come full circle, teaching art for more than 20 years.

Marcine enjoys painting just about anything, but is probably best known for her beautiful Southwestern style landscapes. Her natural gifts for color and technique are quite evident in her paintings. Visit the website gallery for more examples of her work.
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